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  “When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’ even illness becomes wellness” - Malcolm X   During unprecedented times like these, things can feel overwhelming and maybe even a bit scary. Here at The Habibi Group, we want to e...

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Habibi Advisory Team Guide to the FIFA World Cup

The next FIFA World Cup is set to kick off November 21, 2022 which is a first (usually done in the summer), at the 4,471 square mile country of Qatar. The majority of the World Cup Venues will be located in and around the capital, Doha. Three o...

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Habibi Advisory Team Guide to The Olympics

The Summer Olympics happens only once every four years with a group of specialized athletes and trainers from all over the world reach a new international destination, competing one another for medals, awards, and recognition. However, it's...

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Habibi Advisory Team Guide to The US Masters

The US Masters takes place in April at the world-renowned Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. It’s one of the four major golf championships held annually and is considered one of the best and most prestigious sports events in the world...

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