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Habibi Advisory Team Guide to the Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix takes place every September and is a part of the FIA Formula One motor races that attract the most elite driving clubs and their wealthiest fans. The Grand Prix garners attendees like Prince Harry, Bono, and other celebrities that billionaires like to hobnob with. The event features 20 super-athletes, racing in high humidity and heat, for 61 laps, with 21 turns under a series of floodlights that can last upwards of 2 hours. Formula One drivers are among the fittest athletes in the world, as it requires exceptional strength, stamina, and endurance. They put on quite the show, and it’s important you are there at the next one, ready to meet and network with some extraordinary celebrities and multi million and billionaires.

Drivers face sauna-like conditions in the cockpit, causing them to lose between two to three litres of water during each race. Each F1 vehicle is closely monitored and mounted with over 100 sensors that report the acceleration, braking speed and a multitude of data to the driver’s team. Gathered data is then crunched by SAP analytics and organized in an app sent to the team to monitor temperature change in tires and predict likely stress areas on vehicles during the race

The event located in Singapore, more specifically Marina Bay Street Circuit has phenomenal hotels with incredible restaurants in the area for you to choose from. Some of our close, personal favorites include The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, Pan Pacific Singapore, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, and Marina Bay Sands.

Each room features an incredible array of modern amenities and a grandiose view of the city’s alluring skyline. Each hotel features it’s very own “theme” and is very unique from one another. While out in the area, it is important to check out the rest of what Marina Bay has to offer. We recommend you stop by Gardens by the Bay, ArtScience Museum, and Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. Unlike The Grand Prix tickets to all events are relatively inexpensive and worth spending a portion of your day.

A trip to the Singapore Grand Prix is worthwhile and a great opportunity to meet and make new connections with game changing people. The event itself is amazing and the places, restaurants, and hotels are top notch. You can find more information about tickets here. See you there!