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Habibi Advisory Team Guide to The US Masters

The US Masters takes place in April at the world-renowned Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. It’s one of the four major golf championships held annually and is considered one of the best and most prestigious sports events in the world. It’s been an exclusive event since its inception 80 years ago and is attended by America’s richest residents, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett (making a combined net worth of $182.9B). The Masters is a great event to attend however, they have a odd set of rules and unusual customs that just don’t exist outside of Augusta National.

First off, food prices are ridiculously low. It’s possible to buy the entire menu, as it would only cost $56.50. They also prohibit cell phones at all times. If seen disobeying or breaking the rule, you could potentially get thrown out or even arrested. There is also a huge fence around the course to keep out animals. There has only been one deer sighting in the last 65 years and visitors often talk of never seeing a single squirrel. It is also rumored that bird sounds heard during the television broadcasts are artificial. The last but possibly the most interesting one is that “patrons”(as we are not allowed to call them fans, spectators, etc.), aren’t allowed to wear their hats backwards. With these rules in mind, we encourage you to plan accordingly to make the most of your time here.

On the way to the actual clubhouse, you will come across 330 yards of Magnolia trees dating back to the 1850s lined up on both sides of the long road entrance. The total price for admission years ago was a shy $2.20, with tickets at approximately $2,500 a day, today. Some of the top-performing players to ever score are Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jason Day, Rory Mcllroy, and Justin Rose.

Members first began wearing green jackets in 1939 as a way for patrons to recognize them if they needed help or had questions about the tournament or the golf course. A later tradition of awarding the tournament winner a green jacket did not begin until 1949. The cost to produce each jacket is about $250, taking about 2 months to make. The green jacket can then be auctioned off for a wholesome amount if desired. American professional golfer Horton Smith’s green jacket sold at an auction in $682,000 in September 2013.

In order to maximize the quality of your stay, we recommend you check-in and enjoy your stay at some of these hotels. These include Holiday Inn Express Augusta Downtown, Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center, Comfort Suites, Hilton Garden Inn Augusta, and West Bank Inn. They all score extremely well in location, cleanliness, service, and value. They go above and beyond, catering to corporate executive business travelers and leisure travelers with several five-star hotel amenities and services.

Augusta also has some remarkable restaurants in it’s area as well. We suggest you find the time to visit Frog Hollow Tavern, Abel Brown, and Cadwalladers Cafe to enjoy some fine-dining. They all feature vegetarian and vegan friendly options for those into that. Some slightly more moderately priced restaurants available include Craft & Vine, Fuse Restaurant, and Honey from the Rock. They also serve excellent home cooking with great service, being slightly more affordable for some.

The Masters is a great place to network, meet, and collaborate with tomorrow’s leaders and businessmen. This event gives you an enriched opportunity to exchange ideas with one another and bump into other millionaires and billionaires. We hope to catch you at the next one!