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Habibi Advisory Team Guide to the 2020 Snow Polo World Cup

Immersed in the Alps, covered in snow on a frozen lake is one of the most sought after destinations for not only Polo enthusiasts but also the world’s wealthiest. This prestigious event dates back to January 1985, Polo Teams and guests from all over the world will join the unforgettable Snow Polo World Cup in St. Moritz.

St. Moritz has been an getaway for the royal and wealthy since 1864, where you’ll find Bugattis, Rolls Royces, custom fur coats, diamonds and of course Polo Ponies. Its surrounded by VIP tents filled with gourmet chefs prepping meals, butlers catering to specific needs of the rich and security guards surrounding the more decadent tents. The snow-covered mountain peaks provide a dramatic backdrop to the revelry below. While polo on snow is now played in locations such as Aspen in the USA, Cortina in Italy and Tianjin in China, the original in St. Moritz remains the only high-goal tournament on snow and thus the highest-level tournament in the World Polo Tour calendar.

15,000 spectators get to experience this traditional British sport in absolute elegance. The main highlights of the tournament are the small and the grand finale on Sunday. Before traveling to this tournament you’ll want to book your reservations as early as possible. Most guests stay at the traditional Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, The Carlton Hotel, Kempiski, Suvretta House, and the renowned Kulm Hotel.