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Habibi Advisory Team Guide to The Olympics

Guide to Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

The Summer Olympics happens only once every four years with a group of specialized athletes and trainers from all over the world reach a new international destination, competing one another for medals, awards, and recognition. However, it’s nothing new, as the Olympics have been taking place for 12 centuries now, having been hosted in 23 different countries lasting anywhere from five to six months. The six colors – blue, yellow, black, green, red, and white were chosen because every nation’s flag has one of them.

Guide to Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

The Olympics consists of 33 sports, including sailing, swimming, rowing, judo, cycling, and golf. While originally originating in Greece on April 6th, 1896, the Olympics have come and progressed a lot to what it was before. The official languages are English and French in addition to the native language of the hosting country. The first Winter Olympics did not happen until France, in 1924. The ancient Greeks loved competition of all sorts and used The Olympics as an opportunity to honor the Gods. The most recent Olympics dates back to 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where more than 10,500 athletes from 208 countries met to compete for gold. It remains one of the most anticipated international events in the world and attracts caters many high-class attendees including the British royal family.

Guide to Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments
Guide to Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

The next Summer Olympics will take place in 2020 in Tokyo Japan, from July 24th to August 9th. Tokyo was selected as the host city after an election with Istanbul and Madrid. Opening ceremony tickets will range from approximately $220 to $2,680. Sale dates for actual events are yet to be announced.

We have put together a list of some of the best hotels and restaurants around Tokyo, for your 2020 Olympics trip. The main stadium for the year is The New National Stadium and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, both being side by side with one another. Some of our favorite restaurants and spots to eat would be Kobe Beef Ikuta, JULIA, Ristorante Sabatini Aoyama, and Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Signature Aoyama. Find high course volumes, delicious meat of top quality, and generally quiet atmospheres. Be sure to throw some Japanese flare in there, and impress the employees working there, by saying “Gochisousama Deshita”(Thank you for the meal).

Hotel wise, some of the best hotels in the area are Hotel Allamanda Aoyama Tokyo, Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, and Tokyu Stay Shinjuku. Visitors and tourists from all over are more than welcome here, as each room is complemented with premium bedding, air conditioning, blackout drapes/curtains, and much more. Rates here run average and are relatively close within the stadium. All in all, The Olympics is a great place to be and celebrate athleticism and achievement from literally people all over the world, making strong, applicable connections as well.