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“When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’ even illness becomes wellness” – Malcolm X


During unprecedented times like these, things can feel overwhelming and maybe even a bit scary. Here at The Habibi Group, we want to encourage our clients and future clients to lean on something that grounds you. Lean into something that makes you feel good. This can be as simple as setting your phone down and going for a hike, baking your favorite cookies, or starting that project that you’ve always wanted to start but never gotten the chance to begin. For others, it can be giving back to your community and helping out friends and neighbors. We take great pride in doing what we can to serve and lift others up in times of need. Below is a list of things that you can consider.


  • Help A Neighbor



This seems pretty simple, but for the last two and half months we have been operating in fight or flight mode. It’s really easy to forget about those around us. Now, as things are settling in and we are all getting ready to venture into what will become normal, we can take a step back and see that there may be someone a house or two away we can help. Reach out (especially to an elderly neighbor) and see if there is anything they need. It might be a cup of sugar or a box of tissue you have on hand. Or maybe you can show them how to do an online shopping order? Providing any assistance to neighbors is helpful. You could save them the delivery fee and go pick the order up for them. It can be simple as “ 1. 2. 3.”


  • Donate Blood



Blood banks always need blood, but they need it now more than ever. Less people can be allowed in donation centers with COVID-19 protocols, and less people are healthy enough or willing to donate. The American Red Cross released a statement saying, “…Donating blood is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give or receive blood. The need for blood is constant, and volunteer donors are the only source of blood for those in need of transfusions.” 



  • Volunteer


During this time, volunteers are needed more than ever. When the Shelter in Place order was mandated, a number of industries relied on volunteers. Many of the volunteers fell in the ‘high risk’ category so they had to let them go for the meantime. Now is the time to volunteer at your local food banks or shelters. As of now, many volunteer opportunities are becoming remotely so this is perfect if you want the comfort of your own home. Attached below is the link where you will see a number of digital volunteer opportunities.  



  • Make a Donation



Nonprofits across the country need your donations now more than ever. If you have the resources available to you, consider making a monetary donation to a cause you care about. If you can’t think of something off the top of your head, consider helping out with the famine in Yemen. 80% of the country is in need of urgent assistance and the overwhelming majority of the people there are in serious danger. If you are struggling to find an organization to help with this process, click on one of the links below to find some reputable organizations that are helping with the famine.





  • Take Care of Yourself


Just as they say in pre-flight reminders, you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you place it on those dependent on you. If we don’t make self-care a priority, there is no way we can help our fellow neighbors and our community. Practicing self-care doesn’t necessarily mean go spend your whole day at the spa (although it sounds lovely). It can be as simple as taking a moment to stretch your whole body. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Stepping outside and being amongst nature is wonderful for the mind, soul, and body. Being out in nature has proven that it lowers the blood pressure and anxiety levels. You can kick it up a notch and practice guided meditation with apps such as ‘Calm’. You will feel the stresses of our everyday melt away. Take some time out of your day and prioritize your well-being for a portion of the day. Mental and physical health is very important to all. Give it a try and see that self care really does help set the tone for you to be your best self for others.