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Nob Hill

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The historic nesting ground of San Francisco’s rich and famous, this neighborhood- dotted with luxury hotels and upscale apartment buildings- still looks the part.

History: In the late 19th century, this is where San Francisco’s nouveau gentry built their mansions, high above the downtown riffraff. After the quake and fire of 1906, only the palatial home of mining tycoon James Flood and the Fairmont Hotel were left standing- and they stand here still.

Don’t Miss: Step into Huntington Park and sunbathe by the famed Fountain of the Turtles. The Gothic Grace Cathedral– decked with murals and tile work that make it a veritable art museum in its own right- is just across the street. From there you can catch a lift to the admission-free Cable Car Museum and watch the system’s subterranean gears crank away. Those same gears will haul you straight to the crown of the neighborhood, the Fairmont San Francisco, with its 1940’s throwback tiki bar, the Tonga Room. Or reach higher yet and cross the street to the Mark Hopkins Hotel’s Top of the Mark, featuring great cocktails and even better views.