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The official birthplace of the hippie, Haight-Ashbury still has a strong whiff of the countercultural, but even clean-cut folks will find much to love in the ample eating and shopping opportunities.

History: Before 1967’s Summer of Love solidified the neighborhood’s reputation, state planners had intended to cleave the northern edge of the neighborhood with a freeway. The plan, though ultimately dropped, caused a plunge in property values that made the area an ideal place for flower-wearing youth to settle.

Don’t Miss: A walk along Haight Street from Buena Vista Park to Golden Gate Park is its own immersive cultural experience. As you pass the head shops and tattoo parlors, pay special attention to local mainstays like the Red Victorian, Amoeba Music, and Piedmont Boutique, with its famous stockinged legs. At Loved to Death antiques, you can buy a human skull for what we assume must be a pretty good price. For newer and more appetizing offerings, check out the Alembic or Maven for dining and, in the Lower Haight, Toronado for its illustrious beer selection.